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Petite TEN21 SE

  • €23,00
  • €115,00 / l
Special Features

The worlds of fine wine and virtual reality collide in this extra special bottle of award-winning Premier Cru Blanc Champagne, delivering a unique and effervescent Champagne of sparkling gold. 

Conjure up images of the French Riviera, punctuated with tangy lemon and cherry trees, rounded with the sweet touch of buttery biscuit. 

Lively yet graceful, this fine-bubbled Champagne is perfect for those who value maturity, freshness, and first-class finesse.

To honour 10 years of De Watère in 2021 (expressed in the name „TEN“ and „21“), we’ve wrapped this special edition bottle in a black-light activated sleeve. Place under UV light and watch as the entire bottle lights up with a hidden design to celebrate our anniversary.

As a final surprise, we’ve also made this the world’s first Augmented Reality-enabled Champagne bottle. Simply scan the front of the bottle using our free app and say hello (or congratulations!) to Theodore the Gryphon, our beloved brand emblem. Download "ARGO Play" App from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore.

TEN21 is produced exclusively from the Cuvée of equal parts Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and receives a low Dosage of just under 8 grams, acting to help the aromas combine and shine at their highest. Comparable to a chef adding just the slightest pinch of salt.

Usually, this blend consists of equal parts of two consecutive years to capture the house style while allowing for individual years to shine through.

The wine is cleared by using gravity: we simply wait for all the suspended particles to float to the bottom of the enamelled steel tanks before transferring the wine into the bottles. Malolactic fermentation is allowed as it is a natural process to smooth out the expressive aromas.

TEN21 usually matures 2 to 3 years in chalk caves under the hills of Champagne. They are released not based on time but on taste. We taste frequently and when they are just perfect, we release the Cuvée TEN21 to market.

Available in our signature 200ml Petite format, TEN21 is the ideal companion for out and about or enjyoing at the bar/lounge/terrace.

TEN21 Special Edition is available during the summer months starting April 1.


  • Asia Wine Trophy (2022) Gold
  • Portugal Wine Trophy (2022) Gold
  • Berliner Wine Trophy (2022) Gold
  • Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition (2022) Gold
  • Portugal Wine Trophy (2021) Gold
  • Berliner Wine Trophy (2021) Gold 

Brut Blanc I 50% Pinot Noir I 50% Chardonnay I 12% Alc.Vol. I Contains Sulfites I Sugar: < 7g I 200ml

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