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Prestige Rosé de Saignée

  • €145,00
  • €193,33 / l
De Watère Champagne

Presented in vivid, fiery-pink sparkle, this award-winning Prestige Brut Rosé de Saignée delivers a lively complex of red fruits and syrups to energise the palate. 

Expressive, tactful, and irresistibly sweet, its bold aromas of ripe blackberries and raspberries are grounded with subtle vegetal undertones to finish – a romantic duet of earth and fruit. 

This Méthode Saignée Cuvée is bolder, darker, and richer than the typical rosé while omitting tannins. With grapes harvested at peak ripeness, the strength of flavour this Premier Cru Pinot Noir Champagne delivers is an ideal accompaniment for more robust dishes like beef fillet.

"Saignée" is French for "bled out". In this context, it means that during the pressing of the grapes, we leave the grape skins and the juice in contact with each other until the complex aromas have been extracted and the rosé colour has been achieved. The red colour is exclusively present in the skins of the grapes while their flesh is white. The Saignée method is much more elaborate than the standard one which simply combines red and white juice to make Rosé.

The main advantage of Saignée is that it avoids the bitter tannins which are present in red wines. Saignée demands a high level of skill because the juice and the skins have to be separated at exactly the right moment to achieve the highest extraction of aromas and Rosé colour while omitting the bitter tannins.

Our Rosé de Saignée is produced from 100% Pinot Noir grapes using exclusively the Cuvée and receives a low Dosage of only 6.9 grams, acting to help the aromas combine and shine at their highest. Comparable to a chef adding just the slightest pinch of salt.

Usually, this blend consists of equal parts of two consecutive years to capture the house style while allowing for individual years to shine through.

The wine is cleared by using gravity: we simply wait for all the suspended particles to float to the bottom of the enamelled steel tanks before transferring the wine into the bottles. Malolactic fermentation is allowed as it is a natural process to smooth out the expressive aromas.

Prestige matures for up to 96 months in chalk caves under the hills of Champagne. The exact dates can be found on the back labels. They are released not based on time but on taste. We taste frequently and when they are just perfect, we release the Cuvée Prestige to market.


  • Berliner Wine Trophy (2022) Special Award "Best Sparkling"
  • Portugal Wine Trophy (2022) Grand Gold
  • Berliner Wine Trophy (2022) Grand Gold
  • Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition (2022) Gold
  • Portugal Wine Trophy (2021) Gold
  • Berliner Wine Trophy (2021) Gold
  • Asia Wine Trophy (2020) Grand Gold
  • Decanter World Wine Awards (2020) Silver
  • Berliner Wine Trophy (2020) Gold
  • Gilbert & Gaillard (2020) Silver
  • Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition (2020) Great Gold
  • Gilbert & Gaillard (2016) Silver
  • International Wine Guide Awards (2016) Great Gold

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